Book Your Holiday Package to Mount Rushmore!

The history of the Mount Rushmore site dates back decades ago, and you can be a part of its fascinating history by visiting the manmade presidential sculpture during Christmas and New Year’s. You can discover some of the tribal history and ancient artifacts that have made the area famous. Walk through museums and area attractions to learn all you can about the area during the holidays. It’s a relaxing time to visit, and Mount Rushmore’s attractions will be lit up with amazing Christmas decorations for everyone to enjoy. Visit these great attractions while you’re here.

The Journey Museum – Rapid City

Take a look at five different exhibits to find  clues about the terrain, culture and artifacts of the past. In the Museum of Geology, you can turn the clock back more than two billion years to examine some of the most ancient geologic discoveries that man has seen. Other places of interest include the Archeological Research Center, Sioux Indian Museum, Minnilusa Pioneer Museum and the Duhamel Collection of Native American Artifacts. Visit all of them with one ticket.

President’s Park – A Sculpture Park Tribute

If you’re a political history buff, the President’s Park will be right up your alley. Find out more information about each of the 42 presidents represented in the park, unraveling new facts about great presidents like Dwight D. Eisenhower and Thomas Jefferson. The park has detailed sculptures of each president, so you can get your picture taken by your favorite one. In addition, you may grab a bite to eat at the delicious Garden Cafe to keep your stomach from growling.

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs – Hot Springs, SD

Don’t forget about these enormous animals that once roamed the area thousands of years ago. You can find out more about the mammoth’s habits and the places they made their homes in this exciting 30 minute tour combined with a visual presentation and several exhibits. Kids and grandparents will all enjoy this tour, and you may ask questions from your knowledgeable tour guide.

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