Myrtle Beach Specializes in Kid-Friendly Entertainment!

Head over to the beautiful coastal city of Myrtle Beach and enjoy a plethora of exciting opportunities for all the family members. After sightseeing parts of the city, your kids will be itching to find some entertainment, and the city has more than enough places for them to go, with several theaters and plenty of interactive activities for both the young children and the teenagers. Take your winter vacation in Myrtle Beach this year for some of the best venues of entertainment. You’ll enjoy it just as much as the kids! Try out some of the following activities.

Imax Theatre Myrtle Beach

Immerse the whole family in a visual and auditory experience inside the legendary Imax 3D. The massive screen, measuring several stories, provides an immense three-dimensional view of your family’s choice of movies, ranging from natural wonders to looks at the behaviors of the prehistoric dinosaurs. You’ll hear every noise through the surround sound system that lines the theater. Also, you may want to grab a souvenir to remember your experience at the Imax store while you’re there.

Ripley’s Moving Theatre

Prepare for another great movie experience inside 3D Ripley’s, providing chair movements from hydraulic seats that give you the sensation that you’re in the movie. The seats move in almost every direction and vibrate when the scenes become more intense, so you’re sure to have the ride of your life. All five senses will be affected as you turn and bump with your seat.

NASCAR Speedpark

Finally, if the kids are into fast cars or small interactive rides, there’s plenty to choose from at the NASCAR Speedpark. Take the little ones over to the KidZone, where they’ll be entertained for hours with various rides, including gaming opportunities at the SpeedDone arcade. If you’d like to take them to see NASCAR races and rides, you can go to the other side of the park, featuring all types of motorcross, freestyle and racing events. Also, if you’d like a more relaxing activity, you can head over to the mini-putt course for a leisurely golf game.

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