Fiestas Navidenas Combines Hispanic Culture and Holiday Atmosphere

The city of San Antonio has several major holiday festivals to celebrate the season, and their annual Fiestas Navidenas is certainly worth attending, taking place throughout the month of December. If you’re not sure what parts of the city you’d like to visit, you can start with the Market Square, where much of the Fiestas Navidenas is happening. Here, inside one of the hot spots for Mexican culture, you’ll find a reenactment of Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter before she gives birth near San Fernando Cathedral, the most ancient sanctuary in the nation. If you’re in the mood for shopping, the Market Square is more than capable of providing an assortment of clothes, pottery and glistening jewelry. Find your favorite San Antonio hotel while you’re here as well.

In addition to your other San Antonio holiday experiences, you can travel through much of the city with carriage tours like the King Williams Carriage Tour. Take some old fashioned, holiday transportation through the sreets of the King William Historic District, discovering the sights of beautiful homes decorated in brightly lit Christmas apparel, and see the historic significance behind the architecture. The land once belonged to a mission that was built many years ago.

If you’d like yet another carriage ride or would simply like to explore a different area, the San Fernando Carriage Tour covers a large region of the San Antonio area, exploring the San Fernando Cathedral. The church has been completely renovated and restored to its original form, and it was originally given the honor of being the “center of San Antonio” by Spanish colonists. Learn and listen as the horses trot along the streets.

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