Experience Christmas New Orleans Style

If you love the atmosphere and style of New Orleans, you must come to the area during December for the area’s Christmas New Orleans Style event. This citywide extravaganza features music, feasts, fun shows, and a variety of New Orleans-style Christmas gifts for visitors to take advantage of. As if that wasn’t enough, the already colorful streets of New Orleans will be decorated with a stunning number of beautiful lights and seasonal decorations. This event has already begun in New Orleans and will continue until December 31st, so head on down to New Orleans and experience the spice and entertainment of Christmas New Orleans Style!

While you’re in New Orleans, make sure that you get a taste of New Orleans’ most delicious foods at the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant. This incredible restaurant has held an honored place in New Orleans for over two centuries and offers guests an incredible range of New Orleans cuisine to sample. You may choose between a Live Jazz Brunch Buffet for a culinary and musical experience or the Gourmet Creole Dinner for the chance to find out what a gourmet chef can create with New Orleans’ traditional dishes. Either way, you’re certain to get a meal you will never forget at one of the area’s top dining establishments.

For all of your other entertainment, check out the New Orleans Power Pass. This pass gives you the chance to experience over 40 of New Orleans’ hottest attractions and activities including Audubon Zoo, Destrehan Plantation, and the French Quarter Walking Tour. In addition, this pass is customizable and allows you to decide how long it is good for. You can choose a pass that lasts anywhere from one day to up to five days. It makes experiencing the city a breeze!

0 thoughts on “Experience Christmas New Orleans Style

  1. The atmosphere in New Orleans was amazing the last time I went there – it was like a party all the time! I would love to take the French Quarter Walking Tour or eat at the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant.

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