December Brings Family Activities for Mount Rushmore Visitors!

If you’re heading up to the Mount Rushmore area this December, there are plenty of family activities and sightseeing all across the region. Whether you’re visiting family or are celebrating the Christmas season near the Mount Rushmore Memorial, you won’t be disappointed with your trip. Discover a wealth of information in the Big Thunder Gold Mine and spark your interest at the Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town. You can learn more about these activities and others during your visit.

Big Thunder Gold Mine – Keystone, SD

Man first set foot on the Black Hills region thousands of years ago, but the area’s popularity didn’t start rising until gold was discovered. You can be a part of this historical era when you take  a tour of the mine along with an opportunity to pan for gold. Best of all, if you or your kids decide to do the panning activity, you’re guaranteed to find gold! Learn information about the gold miners you may not have previously known, and find out from your tour guide which gold mines were the biggest and best.

Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town – Murdo, SD

Whether you have a general interest or obsession with antiques, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety and beauty that exists in this exciting antique show. Look for famous vehicles like Elvis Presley’s roaring Harley Davidson or the 1967 Mustang Convertible. You can browse the interior of a general store packed with old, wooden toys, small music boxes and other great antiques. If you book with an extra adult and children, you can receive a family pass to sweeten the deal.

Mount Rushmore Audio Tour

This extraordinary tour was recorded with high quality instruments to produce an adventurous narration of the Mount Rushmore area. You’ll be equipped with an audio wand and map to start out your tour. As you stroll through the park, the narrator will provide suggestions of paths for you to follow and sights for you to see. As a tour highlight, you’ll hear the authentic voice of Gutzon Borglum, the creator of Mount Rushmore.