Washington DC Brightens with the National Christmas Tree Lighting!

On December 9th, Washington DC will celebrate its 87th National Christmas Tree Lighting in coordination with the Pageant of Peace. The city’s White House Ellipse Visitor Pavilion will display lit trees from each of America’s states and territories every day after the National Christmas Tree Lighting until New Year’s Day. Visitors are more than welcome to come out and view all of the city’s great holiday displays and festivities during this time. If you’d like to stay for the entire celebration, be sure to book one of the warm and cozy DC hotels.

You can see more of the city as it lights up with Christmas decorations with tours like DC After Dark, which take you to some of the most popular memorials and highlights of the city. The tour lasts approximately three hours, and you’ll be able to stop at famous places such as the Lincoln Memorial, FDR Memorial and Jefferson Memorial. These are just a few of the landmarks you’ll see. There are more than 10 famous other sights you’ll view from up close in your motorcoach.

There’s even more great DC architecture available to see at night, and you can view it by taking the DC The Lights! Tour, which starts out at the Old Post Office, dating back to 1899. From here, you’ll be able to look up at the skyscraping clock tower, reaching up 315 feet. Afterward, you’ll head to the US Capitol Building, where your tour guide will give you an extensive background of the building and people that have served there, as well as answering any questions you may have. As you continue, you’ll see many other famous memorials, including the Vietnam and WWII Memorial. Enjoy the rich history of DC as it’s bathed in city lights!

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