Go Nuts for the “Wild Gifts for the Holidays” Event in Williamsburg

If you want to take a break to enjoy the season in Williamsburg, and you still haven’t found the perfect gifts for your friends and family, you need to visit the Virginia Living Museum for the “Wild Gifts for the Holidays” event. Taking place now through December 23rd, this event features gifts that come straight from nature or “the wild.” Eco-friendly clothing toys, stationary, and other gifts are all on display and waiting for you to take them home. You won’t believe the variety of stuffed animals, home decor, hand-made jewelry, and other items that are at the museum. Of course, the museum itself still has its usual exciting wildlife exhibits and attractions like the aquarium and aviary for guests to visit, so it’s fun for playing as well as shopping.

Of course, you can’t miss visiting Colonial Williamsburg during the holiday season. This 18th century themed attraction features a number of seasonal exhibits and events for guests to enjoy as well as the usual fun attractions like the Great Hopes Plantation and historic Courthouse and Gaol. Guests will find that the park’s complimentary shuttle service, which comes with all passes to the park, is especially useful in getting around to each attraction and staying out of the chilly winter weather.

If you’re visiting Colonial Williamsburg, it would be a shame not to go to the Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center. These historic attractions were pivotal in the events that led up to the American Revolution and the outcome of the revolution. Galleries, film, and live interpretation will bring that turbulent time period to life before your eyes, so you can experience American history in a relevant and interesting way. You will love seeing history from this perspective!

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