Gatlinburg – Pigeon Forge Lays Groundwork for Christmas

As the leftovers of Thanksgiving are gobbled up, locals in the Gatlinburg – Pigeon Forge area prepare for another great month of holiday events. If you’re planning on a trip to Tennessee, the city of Gatlinburg has plenty of places to go for attractions, shopping, eating and enjoying the general atmosphere. The weather may not be the temperature you’d like, but the friendly locals will warm up to you right away. Relax and enjoy the perfect getaway on your trip, and find out what awaits you on your vacation destination:

American Oldies Theater

Tag along with the family as you embark on a journey through time at the American Oldies Theater. The shows provide the best entertainment and let you hear the talents of stars like Kenny Evans, Quentin Flagg and Patty Waszag. The performers play a wide variety of genres, ranging from rock of the early sixties to soulful gospel. The production value of the show is worth every penny, and you’ll be able to sing along with your favorite tunes to bring you back to the good ol’ days.

Soul of Shaolin

After you’ve received your fill of American performances, you may want to engage in a cultured experience that takes you beyond our borders to Shanghai. You’ll see incredible choreographed fights, acrobatic feats and martial art moves. The show’s action sequences include the moves of over 30 Chinese nationals and have an 800 square foot backdrop with powerful lighting sequences. Reserve a seat soon for an up-close look at the performance.

RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo

Finally, after your shows are over you can take some time to relax and sightsee through Sevierville’s exciting zoo. You’ll find exhibits of beautiful and unique animals like enormous tortoises and African Green Mambas. If you arrive in the early part of the day, you may get to see the zookeepers feed the animals, which is an exciting event for the kids to watch. The zoo has a unique environment to match the animals, including a 25 foot jungle waterfall inside.

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