Branson Christmas Shows Provide Fun for Families!

After Thanksgiving, many of the performances in Branson will be gearing up for the final productions before the week of Christmas. Across the city, hotels are being reserved during the first two weeks of December, and you’ll want to do the same to make sure you have a room for your family. Be sure to check out some of the great shows taking place during this time, and check out all of the seasonal festivities while you’re in the area. You won’t regret your stay! Here are a few of the highlighted Branson Christmas shows:

Circle B Chuckwagon Supper and Cowboy Music Show

Take a stroll into the rustic atmosphere of this western, down-home performance and witness the acts of some of the most friendly and talented performers in the business. As a guest, you’ll be given free popcorn and old western movie to watch before the show starts. You’ll know when dinner’s ready as the bell will ring throughout the rustic shelter and food such as baked beans, cornbread muffins and chicken a la range will be yours for the eating. Observe the fun Christmas environment accompanied by great country tunes!

Barbara Fairchild Diner

For another Christmas option, you may attend the Barbara Fairchild Diner, which has plenty of delicious food, and it features entertainment from Barbara and her husband, Roy. The couple knows the Branson area well and have been performing in the city for over a decade, singing hits like, “Could You Walk a Mile” and “Apples of Gold.” The show appeals to everyone in the family, whether it’s a grandparent or a small child, and the lights and decorations will blow you away.

Brett Family

Don’t forget about the Brett Family, a show that brings a new perspective to the holidays with their tribute to American Veterans and special Christmas carols. The family has all ages performing in it, from the parents, Tom and Andrea, to their three children, Brydon, Briahna and Garon. View the enormous Christmas production for yourself, and take in all the lights, colors and costumes provided by the theater.

0 thoughts on “Branson Christmas Shows Provide Fun for Families!

  1. I don’t know baout the other shows but i know that everyone would LOVE the Circle B Chuckwagon. I’ve been to the performance three times now and have only liked it more and more each time.

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