Take a Train Ride to Visit Santa at the North Pole from Chattanooga

Take your friends and family on a magical vacation to the North Pole from Chattanooga, TN this holiday season with the 12th Annual North Pole Limited aboard the Tennessee Valley Railroad. This adventure offers guests the chance to experience a fun-filled train ride from the Grand Junction Depot to the chilly North Pole. Along the way, guests will get to hear fun holiday stories, enjoy a delicious snack, and get to see Santa Claus. Children and adults will love this thrilling journey and cherish the memories this trip gives them for years to come.

After experiencing your fun train ride, get more holiday cheer and some fantastic views of Chattanooga’s most scenic areas with the Lookout Mountain Attractions. Several of the attractions featured offer holiday lights and special seasonal opportunities for fun in addition to their usual fun activities. Guests will see Rock City with its mysterious caves and rock formations as well as get to take a ride on the world’s steepest passenger railway with the Incline Railway. As a finishing touch, guests are taken to Ruby Falls to see a gorgeous 145 foot waterfall cascade underground. This is definitely a ‘must see’ attraction for the holidays.

Finish off your time in Chattanooga by releasing your inner child and experience the fun and excitement of the Raccoon Mountain Caverns Go-Karts. Challenge your friends and family to a race along the 630 foot slick track to see who the best driver is. This track is a true test of your racecar driving abilities, so be sure to focus as you zoom along. You never know who will end up being the grand winner of your race!

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