Olde Tyme Hill City Christmas Gives Visitors an Old Fashioned Holiday Celebration

If you long to experience an old fashioned Christmas, you can finally have your wish with the Olde Tyme Hill City Christmas event. This fun holiday celebration takes place November 26th on Main Street in Hill City. Some of the fun activities and attractions at the event include a parade, chestnuts roasting in front of the Alpine Inn, and Christmas carolers. Santa Claus is an honored guest at the event and will be lighting the Christmas tree to start off the festivities. Later, Santa will hand out some delicious fruit to children to wish them a Merry Christmas!

While you’re in the area, you can’t miss your chance to see Mount Rushmore and learn some of its history with the Mount Rushmore Audio Tour. This tour is one that you can customize to fit your needs. An audio wand is given to you along with a map of your planned tour route, so you can wander at your leisure to see the sights and hear the accompanying narration. You will hear from the creator of Mount Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum, as well as his family, workers, and Native Americans who were a part of the project. It’s an interesting and unique way to experience the power of Mount Rushmore.

After Mount Rushmore, there’s one more place you have to visit during your time in the area, the Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town. This exciting attraction gives you the chance to view over 250 classic cars, antique tractors, and motorcycles. Classic model Fords, Elvis Presley’s Harley Davidson, The General Lee, and many other historic vehicles await you when you visit this town. You will be awed by the number of interesting facts and automobiles you see!

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