Visit Orlando in December to See Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

The Christmas spirit is starting early in Orlando, and if you have kids you’ll want to bring them to the city to experience Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The event, which goes throughout December, takes place inside Magic Kingdom, one of Walt Disney World’s most famous resorts. On your way in, you’ll be greeted by many of the great Disney characters you grew up loving and complimentary cookies and hot cocoa will be available to fill you up. Stay around for the exciting fireworks extravaganza as well as a friendly hello from Santa Claus. The holiday magic begins in Orlando, and you can stay for as long as you like with reservations at these Orlando hotels.

If you’re looking for other family friendly activities, you’re welcome to visit the WonderWorks Orlando, featuring interactive exhibits that are both odd and fun to learn about. Take a ride into the digital world with a flight simulator, or experience the feeling of an earthquake. If you’re more of a builder, the attraction has a roller coaster simulation that lets you construct and test your roller coaster. If you want to purchase tickets in combination with the Magic Comedy Dinner Show, you’ll be treated to even more entertainment.

For those interested in some of the details surrounding the famous Titanic, there are “passenger” tickets available to experience the full affect of what it would have been like to float on the ship. Walk inside the Titanic Museum, a 20,000 square foot replica of the ship, and examine over 200 artifacts along with several interactive exhibits. As you tour, you’ll be able to walk through famous areas like the First Class Parlor Suite, the Grand Staircase, Promenade Deck and Boilers. If you’d like some fresh air, you can even walk outside to catch the breeze. Talk with experienced imitators of characters like Captain Smith and Molly Brown who will tell you more about their lives.

0 thoughts on “Visit Orlando in December to See Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

  1. It’s kind of a slap in the face when you remember being a kid and going to these events at Disney and now your planning a vacation to take your kids. Times fly too fast.

  2. Would really like to take my daughter to visit Disney, i had a blast when my parents took me and i cant wait to be able to share that same experience with her.

  3. Walt Disney is absolutely amazing! I haven’t been there during Christmas, but part of my family has and they said it was breath-taking!

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