Remember the Old Days with Holiday Branson Shows!

Seasonal decorations are everywhere in Branson, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the festivities with a vacation in our beautiful city. It’s the time of year you won’t want to miss, but be sure to arrive soon, as many of the Branson shows began closing in mid-December to make way for the new year. Brightly lit exteriors, hanging wreaths, candles, and beautiful music accompany many of the city’s best performances. Enjoy a Christmas experience like no other while you’re here, and make reservations at these shows to complete your vacation.

Number 1 Hits of the 60’s

Take yourself back to the days of peace, love and harmony with some of the best hits of the 60’s. Enjoy the tunes of artists like Motown and California Surfin’. A large production, including Christmas 60’s tunes and holiday decorations will provide the show with the perfect setting. Enjoy era costumes and hairstyles as well as an enormous jukebox.

Shake Rattle and Roll The Best Hits of the 50’s

Turn back the clock even further for a time period that celebrates Rock n’ Roll to its fullest. Remember the songs of Little Richard Bill Haley and, of course, Elvis Presley. Surrounded by Christmas decorations, this show has a colorful holiday spirit. The bright suits, suede shoes and colorful poodle skirts will put a smile on your face. The show lasts around two hours, and it’s worth every minute of it!

Baldknobbers Jamboree Show

Visit some of the most experienced show performers in Branson history, where slapstick comedy and country music combine forces to create great entertainment for all ages. Since the Christmas show is now playing, you’ll get a mix of both the traditional and holiday performance. The first half of the show will keep in the spirit of many of the same country songs and costumes that the baldknobbers have done, and after intermission, they’ll amaze audiences with a Christmas twist! Don’t forget to visit their large gift shop to find the perfect souvenir.

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