San Diego Craftsmen Prepare for Annual Woodcraft Show and Sale

Get acquainted with the fair city of San Diego during the holiday season by visiting the annual Woodcraft Show and Sale, which boasts some of the best bargains on handmade wooden furniture and artistic carpentry for your home.  Taking place during the first week of December, more than 50 architects and craftsmen will display their work for audiences. In addition to the woodwork, artisans will also be selling unique vases, seasonal ornaments and decorations, bowls and even toys for the kids. Be sure to reserve a room in one of San Diego’s exquisite hotels during this exciting week.

That’s just a small portion of the activities available in San Diego, and if you’re looking for a restful vacation full of sightseeing, the San Diego Harbor Excursions are the way to go. You may choose whether you’d like tours of the bays for one hour or two hours, and the landmarks along the way are endless. Climb aboard the fine Spirit of San Diego for a smooth boat ride across the waves.

In addition to the bay cruises, you can also try out the San Diego SEAL Amphibious Sightseeing Cruise. Similar to the World War II “Duck” tours offered in other cities, your transportation is capable of traveling on both land and water, and you’ll be treated to views of the whole city across streets and through the waves. Starting off from the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, your witty guide will answer questions you have about the area as well as providing a few pointers of his own. You may get the chance to see some of the wildlife too, such as the California Brown Pelican or the Blue Heron.

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