Myrtle Beach Shines Bright with Nights of a Thousand Candles

Starting on December 3, Myrtle Beach’s Nights of a Thousand Candles lights up the land and water all across Brookgreen Gardens, making it a pre-Christmas event not to be missed. Each adjoining path you take along the park’s terrain will be illuminated, so you’ll be able to see the scenery every step of the way. More than 1,200 sculpted pieces of art designed by approximately 350 artists sit on top of hills and hug the shorelines in every direction. It’s an opportunity that only comes once a year, and you’ll want to book Myrtle Beach lodging now to make sure you have rooms reserved for the occasion.

You’ll be happy to know of several other outdoor activities you can participate in during your stay, including Myrtle Beach’s NASCAR Speedpark, which is packed full of fun attractions like the SpeedDone arcade and miniature golf courses. Take the family out and take turns riding in the bumper cars. If you’re into some new adventures, try the race car tracks, where visitors can race each other with powerful go-carts. Don’t forget to see some of the motorbike freestyle events and races at the park, where several of the top racers perform death-defying tricks high in the air.

Finally, stop by the Pavilion Nostalgia Park, one of the top attractions in the city. Kids and adults will enjoy the various attractions, from slow boat rides to carousels. If you’re hungry, you can grab a bite to eat at any of the surrounding concession stands cooking up treats like corn dogs, baked cinnamon apples and fluffy cotton candy. There’s even entertainment – the German Baden Band Organ, which gave its first performance at the 1900 Worlds Fair, will be playing some of its traditional songs.

You won’t have to worry about a stagnant vacation if you head over to Myrtle Beach. They welcome all visitors with their over-the-top attractions!

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