Bask in Grand Canyon Views and Highlights!

The winter chill is spreading across much of the United States, but you can enjoy the last bits of warmth near the deep ravine of the Grand Canyon for your fall vacation. Drive up close to the edge and watch as the sun spills yellows, oranges and reds over the rugged rock formations interspersed all throughout the area. The canyon is full of adventures for the more spontaneous visitor, and we offer several tours and sightseeing excursions to accommodate them. Whether you’d like peace and tranquility or a full day’s exploration, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

 Grand Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip

If you want a closer look at the canyon walls from the Colorado River, a rafting trip like this one is the perfect fix. Enjoy thousands of formations and shore scenery on your 15.5 mile trip along the winding river. You’ll initially be transported to the raft with a smooth running motorcoach. Later on, sights like the Navajo Indian Reservation, the Grand Canyon National Park and the Painted Desert will slowly come into view. In addition to all of the sights, you’ll also be treated to a complimentary box lunch.

Majestic Helicopter Tour – North and South Rim

For those looking for a little less physical intensity during their Grand Canyon stay, they can pick from one of the helicopter tours for a hands-free sightseeing excursion. Don’t worry about paddling, hiking or biking across stretches of rock and ravines. Simply sit back and enjoy the view with 30 minutes of pure, natural beauty. You may discover some of the wildlife that congregates along the North Rim, including the Kaibab squirrel. Heading to the south, you’ll see the famous Dragon Corridor, and after viewing it you’ll realize how much the open chasm lives up to its name. A narration of each highlight is included through your headset.

Grand Sunset Safari Jeep Tour

Finally, end your vacation on land during the most gorgeous time of the day. Inside a powerful 4X4 Jeep, you travel across much of the Kaibab National Forest to see much of the wildlife that inhabits the area. Once you reach the Grand Canyon, your tour will take you to an 80-foot observation tower, where you’ll be able to see it all at once – the Painted Desert, San Francisco Peaks and the Grand Canyon sunlit cliffs.

Travel to the Grand Canyon during the Thanksgiving season, and you’ll certainly have something to be thankful for. You may even go back again next year!

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