Williamsburg Celebrates Thanksgiving in Its Jamestown Settlement!

As Thanksgiving Day draws closer, Williamsburg prepares for an authentic “Foods and Feasts of Colonial Virginia” at their very own Jamestown Settlement, where visitors can explore the historic side of Thanksgiving. The event lasts from November 25-27, and there will be plenty of activities to watch and learn from. Each day, the settlers will gather food from the surrounding area, preserve it with their own methods and mix it with other ingredients to replicate some of the earliest Thanksgiving feasts in America. Learn from both the English colonists and their neighbors, the Powhatan Indians. All members of your family are welcome to participate in this historic event, so bring the kids along and book a Williamsburg hotel.

Add a little spice to your Thanksgiving vacation with a trip to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum Williamsburg, where you view and touch many of the 300 exhibits across the museum. The exhibits range from the small, shrunken heads to an enormous 500 pound gorilla model made out of nails. Focus in on each display, as some of them are illusions and may play tricks on your eyes. Much of the museum is littered with oddities like natural disaster areas and dark graveyards.

Finally, head back to your roots with a walkthrough of Colonial Williamsburg, where you’ll view 18th century style architecture and residents adorned in the same type of clothing that was worn long ago. The area was constructed to replicate an entire city, and you’ll be able to see the variety through well-maintained gardens, sunlit houses and large shelters like the Great Hopes Plantation. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit more history.

Trace Thanksgiving Day back to its origins with this exciting vacation to Williamsburg. Plan now, though, as the holidays are almost here!

0 thoughts on “Williamsburg Celebrates Thanksgiving in Its Jamestown Settlement!

  1. Visiting this settlement must be a trip in itself but conbining it with Thanksgiving must be real fun. I wonder what they do for Christmas.

  2. I’m sure this would be amazing. I was in Williamsburg not to long ago and that whole area is absolutely gorgeous, and then adding the Thanksgiving experience would make it so much cooler!

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