Holiday Cheer Keeps Branson Lit Up for the Season

For those interested in visiting a city that is filled with holiday cheer, Branson is the place to be this season. The city offers numerous Christmas shows and attractions that are fun for people of all ages. You can bring your family or go with your friends for some good, old-fashioned holiday entertainment.

Hamner Barber Variety Show

One of the popular Christmas shows this season is presented by the Hamner Barber Variety Show. Called The Wings of Christmas, this two-part production features classic acts from their traditional show and Christmas songs and illusions designed specifically for the holidays. When you go to this show, you get the whole Branson experience. It’s perfect for children and adults who want to see some of Branson’s seasonal entertainment and some of the normal show.

Showboat Branson Belle Lunch and Dinner Cruises

For those interested in getting an old-fashioned experience with a Broadway-style twist, it’s time to plan to go on one of the Showboat Branson Belle Lunch and Dinner Cruises. You will ride aboard a showboat that is styled just like those that produced shows in the 1800s and get to enjoy a Christmas show that has all of the flair and dazzle of a Broadway production. Spectacular costumes, fun choreography, and talented singers and dancers make this Christmas show shine!


Get a unique Christmas presentation by going to see SIX this holiday season. As you watch the show, it will sound like an entire band is on-stage, but it’s just these talented musicians making the instrumentals with their mouths. Their show is a combination of favorites from their regular show and holiday classics that everyone loves. With their special presentation and talents, you’re guaranteed to get a show unlike any you’ve ever seen before!

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