New Orleans’ Architects and Artists Present Handiwork at DesCours

From December 3-12, audiences will be able to see the beautiful talent of artists, architects and craftsmen that have built architecture and sculptures in hidden parts of New Orleans. The event is free to the public, and audiences will be able to find work in 14 architectural installations all over the downtown area, including roofs, walkways and courtyards. Many of these places are not usually noticed by the public eye, so you’ll receive a new perspective on New Orleans whether you’ve been here or not. If you wish to stay in the city for a Thanksgiving or early Christmas vacation, there are plenty of New Orleans hotels to choose from.

DesCours will reveal new areas and secrets that you may not have known, and tours like the Swamp and Bayou Tour can do the same, covering areas of Louisiana that you’re probably not as familiar with. The tour will start you off in a motorcoach and cut across the Mississippi River at which time you’ll take a ride across much of the wetlands and learn how New Orleans’ famous gumbo is made. In addition, you can view some of the local wildlife with a show featuring snapping alligators, mischievous raccoons and many other animals.

Along with your other activities, you may be interested in some of the history of New Orleans, and you can find out more with an All Day Plantation Tour, which takes you to three pieces of architecture – Destrehan Plantation, San Francisco Plantation and the Houmas House. Pay special attention to the Destrehan Plantation, as it is the oldest historical documented plantation in the world. Much of the furniture is in the same style that families used over a century ago, and you’ll be able to see slave cabins and gardens outside the plantations.

New Orleans is the perfect stop for an invigorating vacation where you can learn more about the city’s culture, history and art forms. Book your activities today – you won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “New Orleans’ Architects and Artists Present Handiwork at DesCours

  1. This would be an interesting experience…I have seen a lot of artwork from New Orleans’ artists and there is definitely soul in the art..I would love to check this out!

  2. For anyone traveling to New Orleans I would recommend staying in the Holliday Inn Express. It has the best location you could ask for and is walking distance to almost everything in the City including Burboun St.

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