Head over to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

You certainly won’t want to miss this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which starts up mid morning on November 25 in New York City, featuring enormous floats, marches and balloons centered around singers, movies, shows and the upcoming Christmas season! Join the millions of spectators downtown as the parade passes from side of Manhattan to the other promoting holiday cheer and smiles all along the parade route. America’s top marching bands will be present as well to perform perfectly synchronized marching beats and music. You can stay close to the action with New York City’s hotels and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal in the peace and quiet of your own room once you’re done watching the parade.

But the parade is only the beginning of New York City’s attractions, and exciting theme parks like Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, aren’t too far away. You can engage in a new adventure with exciting roller coasters like the Superman: Ultimate Flight, the spinning “Twister,” and family rides like the Flying Wave. The park is also filled with shows, gifts and delicious concession food. Don’t make the rest of your vacation a drag – bring the family along for a theme park extravaganza!

Also, to get into the Christmas spirit, you can take the Brooklyn Christmas Light Tour and casually ride from one dazzling piece of architecture to the next, getting a feel for the way the Big Apple celebrates Christmas. Along the way, you’ll also see all kinds of fun displays such as oversized nutcrackers, Rudolph the reindeer on the rooftops and even Frosty the snowman. The tour is centered in private residential areas so you won’t have to worry about traffic and other annoyances.

Celebrate the holidays New York City style this year! The memorable experience will keep you encouraged going into the new year.

0 thoughts on “Head over to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

  1. I look forward to watching this on TV every year. It would probably be way better in person, though! If I wasn’t spending Thanksgiving with my family in Springfield, I’d be pretty tempted to go to NYC.

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