Christmas Shopping is a Breeze in Boston

Christmas is just 50 days away and you have yet to do your Christmas shopping. Don’t panic yet. You can still get all of your Christmas shopping done for the big day, and you can do it without stress. Just visit the great city of Boston and go on some of these fun shopping tours. You can take care of the shopping list and have a great time doing it!

Macy’s Boston Star Shopper Tour

Be treated like a star during your shopping experience when you go on Macy’s Boston Star Shopper Tour. You get a $25 gift card, a 4-piece box of Frango Chocolates, and a Star Scent that helps you decide what fragrance is best for you and all that is just for showing up. In addition, you will be given an 11% discount on merchandise throughout the store, so you can buy everyone the gifts they want at a discounted cost. You may not be able to help but agree that it’s better to give than receive after this tour.

Wrentham Village Premium Outlets Tour

After spending some time choosing your gifts at Macy’s, go on the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets Tour to finish off your shopping. There are over 170 shopping options at these outlets with up to 65% off in savings at each place. You can visit Nike, Kenneth Cole, Coach, Ann Taylor, and many other brand names that have just what you need for your Christmas shopping list in just one tour. This tour is a sure way to get gifts that please everyone and save money by skipping the regular retail rate.

New England Aquarium Whale Watch Cruise

For visitors who are coming to Boston to get their shopping done in November, this is also your last chance to do some whale watching with the New England Aquarium Whale Watch Cruise. After November, the cruise closes down for the winter months and you won’t have another chance to go whale watching before spring. The whale watching cruise is a nice way to reward yourself for all of the shopping you finished and you get to see the magnificent whales of the ocean up close. You may even get to see other wildlife like dolphins and sea birds as well.

0 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping is a Breeze in Boston

  1. i love shopping, especially at the outlets. they always have such great deals. i go to the ones in branson all the time i would really enjoy visiting the ones in boston.

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