Fly Away in San Diego for a Care Free Vacation

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bird and soar into the sky? When you visit San Diego, you can stop and wondering and find out for yourself. San Diego has a variety of airplane activities that will allow you to get a bird’s eye view of the world. Some of these activities even allow you to fly the airplane!

Warbirds Adventures

Find out what it’s like to fly an authentic WWII Airbird with the Warbirds Adventures activity. This exciting experience allows you to get into the aircraft with a licensed and certified pilot who will give you the ride of your life. You will experience loops, rolls, half-cuban eights, and many other aerobatic tricks as your pilot takes you soaring above the clouds. Your pilot may even let you take the wheel for a few minutes. There’s no better way to let your cares float away and have some fun.

Top Dog Air Combat 1.5 Hour Experience, 35-45 Minute Flight

You’ve seen it in movies like Top Gun and Iron Eagle, air combat in war planes high above the ground. Now you can be a part of that excitement with the Top Dog Air Combat 1.5 Hour Experience when you’re put in your own plane to fight another pilot. You can fight against a friend or someone will be provided for you to fight for one thrilling adventure. An experienced pilot will be in the airplane with you to provide tips and ensure your safety throughout the flight.

Cadet Flight

Step aboard the Varga VG-21 for a flight adventure like nothing you’ve experienced before on Cadet Flight. This flight is completely controlled by you throughout the entire experience. This plane has a dual cockpit with joystick controls, so you can fly without having to take lessons. A licensed pilot will be with you to ensure that you are safe and help you with any questions, but the wheel belongs to you for as long as you want it. You won’t be just a bystander with this thrilling adventure!

1920’s Open Cockpit Biplane Flight

Get a variety of flight options when you choose the 1920’s Open Cockpit Biplane Flight. You can customize both the length of time you spend in the air and the type of experience you have with this activity. Enjoy a romantic flight above California’s coast with the Sunset Snuggler or enjoy views of La Jolla with the La Jolla Coaster. Each option gives you the chance to make the experience your own, so it’s special and perfect for the occasion that brought you to San Diego!

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