Enjoy Entertainment and Views of the Grand Canyon

If you’re looking for a bit of entertainment in between your exploration of the Grand Canyon, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of attractions available during the fall season. See the deserts and vast chasms up close with a trip to the IMAX, or sit back on your train ride via the Railway Budd Coach Train Tour. The surrounding towns keep the Grand Canyon traditions alive, so you can head over to your favorite vacation destination at your convenience. Check out some of the entertainment activities below to find out what’s in store for you.

Imax Theatre Grand Canyon

If you have kids, the IMAX is a great opportunity to see the Grand Canyon in a whole different light. Sit back in a comfortable chair as you watch the enormous six story tall screen take you on a powerful adventure. The narrator will capture you interest as you listen to the 34 minutes of factual information, preparing you for your own experience. Before the movie begins, you and your group can look through the National Geographic Visitor’s Center located outside the theater, where you’ll be able to browse through some of the educational tours.

Grand Canyon Railway Budd Coach Train Tour

And speaking of tours, a train ride is the perfect way to learn about your surroundings while still experiencing a popular mode of transportation back in the 1930’s.  There’s a special show set up before you train ride begins, and afterward you can head over to the smooth coach train from the Budd Manufacturing Company. You’ll board in Williams, Arizona, and end up 65 miles away near the Grand Canyon’s gorgeous South Rim. While you’re there, you’ll have almost four hours to view the beauty of the country. Afterward, you can relax as the train heads back on the two hour and 15 minute trip to Williams.

Grand Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip

Finally, don’t forget about the breathtaking Colorado River that runs through the canyon by taking a tour beside it via motorcoach. Your transportation will  start you off at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, take you beside the Glen Canyon Dam and eventually you’ll see views of the Navajo Indian Reservation and Grand Canyon National Park. The highlight of your trip, a gentle float down the Colorado River, will serve as the trip’s finale.

The Grand Canyon’s overwhelming sights and entertaining attractions are enough to draw in the most wary of travelers. You’ll have a great time in these natural areas!

4 thoughts on “Enjoy Entertainment and Views of the Grand Canyon

  1. I’m not near as familiar with the more “entertainment” side of the Grand Canyon as I am with all of the scenery and hiking trips. These attractions all sound enjoyable!

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