Washington DC Commemorates Freedom During Veterans Day

On November 11, Veterans Day, Washington DC will celebrate the lives of veterans all across the country who have fought for the freedom of Americans. To better honor those who served, ceremonies will take place at individual memorials, including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Vietnam Women’s Memorial and the World War II Memorial. Visitors and DC citizens are welcome to attend any of the ceremonies to pay their respect to veterans both past and present. If you would like to make a trip up to Washington DC during this special event, you can book one of the DC hotels.

You can find other activities to do while you’re in the area as well, including photo tours like the Washington Photo Safari Full Day. Gather your day’s supplies for an exciting walkthrough of places like the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, White House Iwo Jima Memorial and more. Because your guide is a professional photographer, he or she can assist you in answering questions about photography and techniques along the way. No matter what type of camera you have, you’ll be granted plenty of opportunities to take excellent shots.

In addition to taking pictures, you can see where Hollywood pictures were shot with the On Location Tours Featuring Washington DC TV and Movie Sites. Travel on a streamlined coach bus for a trip through DC to explore more than 30 different sites where movies and shows were filmed. The tour explores everything from large budget films like Mission Impossible III to mysterious TV shows like the X-Files. Listen as your guide gives you the rundown of how each movie and show was filmed.

As you can see, Washington DC has attractions fit for the youngest child to the oldest grandparent. Take the entire family with you on your vacation to this fabulous city.

0 thoughts on “Washington DC Commemorates Freedom During Veterans Day

  1. This sounds like a great oppertunity to show the vetrens they still mean the world to us and they are not forgotten and are still prised apond for there bravery and soul.

  2. I can’t think of a better place to spend Veteran’s Day than Washington DC. I would like to go on both of those tours when I visit!

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