Visit Ruby Falls for the Deck the Falls Christmas Extravaganza

November 19th, Ruby Falls will begin its holiday celebration with Deck the Falls. As one of the famous Lookout Mountain Attractions, people love visiting Ruby Falls during the normal season. The Christmas flair added to the tour just adds to visitor’s excitement and will only be offered until January 1st. Christmas music will be played throughout the tour to celebrate the season, and at the waterfall there is a special treat waiting for you, an LED light show. This show at the waterfall promises to be the highlight of your time at Ruby Falls and will really get you into the holiday spirit.

While you’re in Chattanooga for Deck the Falls, take advantage of the lovely autumn weather and scenery with one of the Chattanooga Riverboat Lunch and Dinner Cruises. With multiple cruise types to choose from that range from sightseeing to a country western dinner and show, there is a cruise that fits everyone’s preferences. These cruises are the perfect opportunity to relax and take in views of Chattanooga’s fiery fall colors!

Continue your exploration of nature in Chattanooga with the Crystal Palace Cave Tour. This tour will take you through a gorgeous cavern filled with stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, natural bridges, rimstone pools, and other fascinating rock formations. Your knowledgeable guide will tell you about how these formations occur naturally. It’s not only fun but it’s educational. This is one natural adventure that you will be glad you didn’t miss.

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