Spend Quality Time with Your Family in Williamsburg

With school back in session, you and your kids have both been hard at work making sure that homework is done and no responsibilities are forgotten. No doubt with everyone’s busy schedules, you’ve been seeing a little less of each other than you’d like. You can fix that with a fun weekend away together exploring the attractions of Williamsburg. It’s the perfect way to get that quality time together that you’ve been missing.

Colonial Williamsburg

Start out your adventure together with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. This historic attraction gives you the chance to see pieces of American history and learn about this country’s past together. You can visit beautiful historic homes, the old Courthouse, Goal, Magazine, and many other historic attractions during your time at this attraction. You can even customize your visit by getting a pass that lasts one day, two days, or an entire year. It’s your chance to learn and have fun with your family.

Mystery Dinner Playhouse

After spending time exploring the many attractions of Colonial Williamsburg, get cozy and warm together at the Mystery Dinner Playhouse. This activity gives you the chance to bond with your family over a delicious meal and a murder mystery. Your family can work together to find out who committed the murder after watching it unfold on-stage. The actors and actresses will spend time talking to you offstage, so you can ask them questions and find clues. With your whole family on your team, you’re certain to find out who the culprit is and win the prize for solving the mystery!

Virginia Living Museum

Don’t forget to stop by the Virginia Living Museum for the chance to explore the wonders of the natural world. A variety of displays, exhibits, and hands-on activities will keep you exploring the museum for hours. Take a relaxing stroll through the outdoor trail, walk through created habitats that simulate an Appalachian Mountain Cove or a swamp, and experience the magic of gazing into the museum’s 30,000 gallon aquarium that is filled with marine creatures. There is even a touch tank where visitors can touch some of the water creatures!

0 thoughts on “Spend Quality Time with Your Family in Williamsburg

  1. I really hope to one day be able to visit the mystery dinner play house it sounds like so much fun, also i think my familiy and i would really enjoy the Virginai living museum.

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