Soak in Nashville Sights Through the Outdoors!

If you’re planning an adventurous trip this October or November, the city of Nashville has great tours and attractions to keep you active and entertained. You’ll welcome Music City’s fresh air, lively atmosphere and fun local spirit. View the rugged and interesting architecture that still populates the historic parts of the city. Once you’ve seen the downtown area, you can head out to the rim of the city for fun zipline tours and other great opportunities. Don’t forget to bring the whole family along as you vacation as well for some great exercise and pleasurable sightseeing! Browse through each of the activities below to set up your itinerary.

Canopy Challenge Ropes Course

Begin your Nashville vacation with an exciting obstacle course that takes you 40 feet up in the air. You’ll be safely secured by ropes and cables, but the course still challenges you to complete several climbs, jumps and even group-oriented activities. Each obstacle provides you with a different puzzle, and you’ll have the option of either the Climb, Jump Swing course, Low Course Challenge, High Course Challenge, Great Rescue or the Canopy Challenge Ropes Course. Complete the challenge yourself and encourage your kids try it as well.

Eco Adventure Canopy Zipline Tour

The southern regions of the country are well-known for their lush plant life, and Tennessee is no different. On the Eco Adventure Canopy Zipline Tour, you’ll be able to fly past dozens of treelines  for a perfect picturesque view of the surrounding canopy. Guides will harness you up safely to a cable as you fly from one zip line tower to another. In between the fun zips, your guide will provide you with background information on the canopy’s beginnings, as well as answering any questions you may currently have.

Belle Meade Plantation Tour

Finally, for a great tour both inside and out, you can go through the Belle Meade Plantation, which pulls you back to the middle of the 1800’s, when the plantation first began. There are so many sights to see throughout the plantation, you’ll be hardpressed to see everything. Don’t forget about the well-known horse stables near the plantation, where the Harding family trained the ancestors of horses like Secretariat, Seabiscuit and Funny Cide! Inside, you’ll be able to view exhibits of paintings and beautiful furniture over a century old.

Smell the Nashville open air once you arrive here, and book the music and tours that will make your vacation simple and exciting. You’ll have a great time!

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