Taste the Flavors of San Diego During San Diego Beer Week

San Diego Beer Week is one of the area’s most fun festivals with its variety of over 500 events across the county. This festival gives visitors the chance to sample gourmet beers that are crafted right in San Diego. Starting November 5th and continuing to the 14th, this celebration gives visitors the chance to get a real taste of San Diego. You may be surprised at how delicious the city is. In the 2010 World Beer Cup, San Diego collected more medals than England, Germany, and Belgium combined. This was quite a feat since all three countries are known for their spectacular brews. Over 20,000 people attended the events for San Diego Beer Week last year, and this year’s event is expected to be even bigger after their success at the Beer Cup. Don’t miss out on your chance to taste these delicious beers for yourself!

The beer festival is not the only exciting attraction this city has to offer you. San Diego is known for its popular theme parks like Universal Studios. Get the Universal Studios Ticket and Transportation pass to have your own adventure at the park. For movie fans, this park is paradise with its Jurassic Park, Terminator, and other movie-themed rides and attractions. You also get the option to purchase a front of the line pass, so you can get the VIP experience while you’re at the park and skip long lines.

Finish your time in San Diego with a completely relaxing experience, and go on the San Diego Harbor Excursions Dinner Cruise. This cruise gives you lovely views of the San Diego skyline as you enjoy an excellent three-course meal. Your meal comes with a complimentary cocktail to help you unwind for the experience. This is the ideal cruise for a romantic evening with that special someone or a nice evening with your children.

0 thoughts on “Taste the Flavors of San Diego During San Diego Beer Week

  1. I wish my town had a beer week. I’ve always wanted to try different types of beers but haven’t had the oppotunity so this seems like something i’m sure i’ll love to do.

  2. I’m not really a beer drinker, but I would be interested in going to this festival with some friends who are to get their opinion San Diego’s beers. They must be pretty awesome to beat Germany and Belgium!

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