Sip Soup at Myrtle Beach’s 15th Annual Souper Supper!

Warm up your taste buds at the 15th annual ACF Souper Supper event in Myrtle Beach on November 7. You can bring along as many friends and family as you like to enjoy delicious homemade soups put together by some of the best chefs in the local area. Along with hot soup, you can also enjoy warm breads and sweets provided by a professional bakery, along with live jazz to complete the atmosphere. Soups will be judged in four categories – broth, vegetarian, cream and lowcounty/ethnic. If you plan on coming up to attend this event, you can book a Myrtle Beach hotel.

Of course, Myrtle Beach has many other activities for visitors to try while they’re here as well. If you’ve never been to the city’s dinner shows, this is a great opportunity to attend them. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament plunges you back hundreds of years into the Middle Ages, where you’ll be able to watch and cheer for one of six knights as they compete for the princess’ hand in marriage. Enjoy a scrumptious medieval-style meal along with your entertainment, featuring roasted chicken, a steaming herb potato, garlic bread and many more delicacies.

In addition, you’re welcome to see the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, which provides you with splendid entertainment by clowns and cowboys along with the professional movements and tricks of 32 horses. Members of the show will serve you a hearty four-course meal, with everything from flaky biscuits to BBQ pork loin to unlimited beverages! Both of these dinner shows are must-sees while you’re here in the fall.

Don’t hesitate to come to this beautiful city for a relaxing trip. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere and southern friendliness that locals are known for.

0 thoughts on “Sip Soup at Myrtle Beach’s 15th Annual Souper Supper!

  1. I love soup this time of year, and I’m also a fan of jazz. This sounds like the perfect time for me to visit. I’d love to visit the Dixie Stampede in this area as well.

  2. As cheezy as Eli sounds, I agree with him. There is nothing I would enjoy more than some hot soups on a cold fall day. And of coarse I would stop by Medieval Times to see their show, I’ve heard too many great things about their show to skip the opportunity.

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