HarvestFest Makes Autumn the Perfect Time to Visit Savannah

Visit the Oatland Island Wildlife Center in Savannah, GA for their exciting HarvestFest event. This event takes place on November 13th and features hay rides, crafts, and games as well as delicious fall foods like apple butter and hearth baked corn. It’s a great way to enjoy some of the local life of Savannah while also fully enjoying autumn. All of the proceeds from the event benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank, so you will be supporting a great cause while you have a good time.

While you’re in Savannah enjoying the lovely fall weather and scenery, take the time to taste some true Southern cooking. Savannah is known for its delicious foods and no cook from the area is more well-loved or well-known than Paula Deen. Take the Paula Deen Culinary Tour to find out what foods in Savannah influenced her palate. You will also get to visit some of Paula Deen’s own restaurants to taste some of her legendary recipes. Paula Deen’s Culinary Tour is perfect for the food connoisseur or the devoted fan!

After enjoying the great outdoors and Savannah’s delicious Southern foods, you have to explore the history of Savannah. As one of the oldest cities in Georgia, this city has a lot of interesting history to share. The Savannah Historic Overview Trolley Tour is a great way to learn the most interesting history facts about Savannah in one comprehensive experience. This tour will take you through the Historic District, Historic Squares, River Street, and the City Market to help you learn all about Savannah’s past.

0 thoughts on “HarvestFest Makes Autumn the Perfect Time to Visit Savannah

  1. Mmmm…I would love to get a hold of some apple butter! I tasted some fresh apple butter at a recent fall event and would love to have more!

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