Ride Beside the Grand Canyon Autumn Beauty With Jeep Tours

Inside the deep ravines of the Grand Canyon walls, you’ll be given the chance to travel safely with a guide from one natural landmark to the next. Whether it’s the scenic rock formations, peaceful wildlife or interesting history, these jeep tours will allow you to see the sights you’ve always been interested in. Each jeep is capable of traveling across rugged terrain while providing a smooth ride inside its suspension-loaded exterior. Some of the following tours also provide other excursions alongside your jeep transportation, so feel free to choose the activity that fits your interests best.

Grand Canyon Jeep Safari & South Rim Walking Tour

Bring along the best camera you have to capture the terrain and wildlife of the Kaibab National Forest. As you’re taking pictures, feel free to listen as your guide explains the history of your designated route along a 19th century stagecoach trail. The area holds many past legends that have provided an interesting background the both the surrounding environment and its people. You may even see elk or deer as you’re traveling along.

Grand Sunset Safari Jeep Tour

Go full speed along pathways of the South Rim, including  a full view through the Kaibab National Forest. As with the last tour, you’ll have the opportunity to take snapshots of beautiful wildlife like the roaming elk or a soaring hawk. After you stop at the Grand Canyon rims, you’re welcome to go up the 80-foot observation tower for fascinating views of the ravines along with small glimpses of San Francisco Peaks and the Painted Desert.

Indian Painting Safari Jeep Tour

For a full dose of Native American History, you can venture through the rock formations and ancient paintings via jeep. As your guide will point out, many of these paintings are many hundreds of years old, and you’ll be able to receive a better understanding of their way of life through these narrations. The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes, and you’ll be able to view many of the colorful illustrations up close. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, as the tour includes small hiking opportunities.

In the cool fall weather, the Grand Canyon has never been so welcoming. Visit the rocky terrain for some astounding Canyon highlights this October.

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