Nashville Grabs the Attention Visitors Through “Artrageous” Event

Held city-wide, Nashville’s fantastic annual “Artrageous” is a powerful display of some of the finest arts and crafts that have been created by the city’s locals. If you decide to attend the tour taking place on November 13, you’ll have a selection of seven separate art galleries to walk through in Music City. Also, to accommodate the night owls, a special late party will be held from 10 pm – 1 am, complete with live entertainment and an auction giving away a prized seven day vacation to the Mexican Riviera. Make plans ahead of time to attend by booking your Nashville hotel online.

While you’re in Nashville, you’re welcome to attend some of the more artistic venues, such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, featuring some of the most famous recording artists of all time. Inside, you’ll be able to listen to the records of artists that received their humble beginnings in music city, along with special memorabilia. The museum is over 40,000 square feet, so you’ll have plenty of places to explore inside.

Along with the museum, you can also see small exhibits on the Belle Meade Plantation Tour, which takes a deep look into the Harding family, the original owners of the mansion. The house was built in 1853, and a tour guide will lead you from decorated hallways to the beautifully adorned stables where the ancestors of famous horses like Seabiscuit and Funny Cide were raised. Seven original outbuildings remain on the property.

Remember to tour Nashville this fall for a relaxing vacation before the end-of-the-year holidays hit. You’ll enjoy the arts and creativity of the local citizens.

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