Holiday Symposium in Colonial Williamsburg Helps Visitors Prepare for the Season

Watch demonstrations and find out about celebrating the holidays in the 18th century from Colonial Williamsburg’s special guests and holiday professionals during their Holiday Symposium. This two day conference will be going on November 10th and 11th and start at 8:00 am. Illustrated lessons will give you some ideas for your own holiday celebration that feature holiday decorations and foods from the 18th century and today. Beautiful centerpieces, wreathes, gingerbread houses, and a wine and cheese tasting will combine into one exciting holiday event. In order to attend the symposium, guests are required to have a Colonial Williamsburg admission pass that is valid for the entire conference. Additional fees to be a part of the symposium may apply. This is a wholesome, Christmas experience that the whole family can enjoy together!

Don’t end your family’s history experience at Colonial Williamsburg. Continue with a visit to the famous Jamestown Settlement. This settlement has numerous exhibits and films to help you understand life in the early 1600s. Living history interpretations will show you what the clothing and lifestyle was like for the settlers living in the area while replicas of the three ships that sailed to Virginia will give you an idea of life on the high seas. You will quickly realize how very different the lifestyle of the settlers was from the lifestyle you are used to.

After visiting the Jamestown Settlement, it’s only appropriate to visit Yorktown Victory Center. This place was pivotal to the events that led to America’s independence from Britain. Film, galleries, and live interpretations will give you an idea of how life played out as time progressed and the area began to chance. Your time there will culminate in a better understanding of the causes of the Revolutionary War and how it forever changed and shaped America as we know it today.

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