Discover Memphis in a New Light at “Haunted Happenings”

As you prepare for the spooky Halloween holiday, you can combine your Memphis vacation with fun, historic adventures at “Haunted Happenings,” an event inside the Memphis’ Victorian Village on October 29 and 30. Once you’re here, you can walk around the famous neighborhood viewing the tall, slender architecture that was the dwelling of some of the richest Memphis locals in the nation. You can take a special ghost tour around the area, including the haunted Woodruff-Fontaine house, which carries a legendary history behind it that your guide will provide you with. Bring your Halloween costume with you to Memphis this year, and don’t forget to book your Memphis lodging ahead of time.

 Along with this Halloween tour, you’ll also have the chance to try the Memphis Ghost Walking Tour, which goes deep into the heart of the Orpheum Theater, where the ghost of a little mischievious girl lives on to trick the stage performers. You’ll also walk by the dark Cotton Row, WC Handy Park and many other historic locations that have a little-known supernatural history. Trust your guide to lead you from one area to another and discover a new side to Memphis.

As long as you’re learning some of the city’s history, you’ll want to make reservations for the Mud Island River Park, which dives into the history of the Mississippi River via Swiss monorail transportation that you’ll get to travel on. On the way, you’ll also receive a guided tour of a five-block replica of the lower Mississippi River, named the River Walk. Once you’re done with this tour, you can walk over to the nearby gift shop and restaurant for some extra goodies.

Bring along friends and family as you learn about the dark history of Memphis this year. It will be a Halloween vacation to remember always!

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