Scary’um Aquarium Presents a Halloween Adventure for All Ages

With Halloween drawing near, it’s no surprise that the South Carolina Aquarium has set up something special for visitors to enjoy. Starting October 1st and continuing until October 31st, the aquarium is known as the Scary’um Aquarium where people of all ages can enjoy a number of Halloween-related activities and exhibits. Shows like Night Frights and Fish or Dare will give kids some fun animal presentations to enjoy and other activities like a journey through Shipwreck Tunnel will give everyone an exciting learning experience. It’s a fun and educational Halloween adventure that people of all ages will enjoy.

In a city as old as Charleston, you will find that the Scary’um Aquarium isn’t the only exciting activity available for a Halloween adventure. There are several ghost tours as well. Charleston’s Dungeons and Ghosts Walking Tour gives you the chance to explore the areas of Charleston that are rumored to be haunted. The tour is so interesting and exciting that is has been featured on the Travel Channel’s popular series America’s Most Haunted Places. A guide will lead you through cemeteries, back alleys, and a famous dungeon during this tour.

Don’t stop your Halloween adventure there. You can have another haunted adventure on the Haunted Jail Walking Tour. This tour will take you to a jail house that operated from 1802 to 1939 where you will learn about some of Charleston’s most nefarious criminals. Your guide will tell you some chilling stories as you walk along. It’s one ghost tour in Charleston that you won’t want to miss!

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