Mount Rushmore Attractions Offer Centuries of Historical Knowledge!

Head to one of the greatest manmade landmarks in the nation this fall – Mount Rushmore. You can view the four presidents and the surrounding landscape in all of its beauty as the leaves change from dark green to fiery red to pale gold. The pines and rocky formations will make your vacation to this South Dakota region completely worthwhile. Bring along your camera, and make sure you look into some of the other Mount Rushmore activities listed below:

Big Thunder Gold Mine – Keystone, SD

During this authentic experience, you’ll be able to tour an actual mine that was used extensively by settlers who wished to strike it rich. Tour guides will provide you with a piece of the surrounding history of the mine which was discovered in 1882. You’ll be able to pan for gold and look for veins of ore or other minerals that might still run through the mine. You’re guaranteed to find gold on this great adventure, so bring along your friends and family!

The Journey Museum – Rapid City

Nearby, you can head over to the Journey Museum to understand the history behind the Western Great Plains. Much of the archeological evidence has been preserved through collections ranging from real dinosaur bones to remnants of the artifacts spanning across more than 10,000 years of artifacts. If you’re interested in other cultures, you can view the Duhamel Collection of Native American Artifacts, which is composed of materials created and used by the Sioux Native Americans.

National Presidential Wax Museum – Keystone, SD

Finally, lighten your trip up with a walkthrough of famous Presidents both modern and older. You’ll see the presidents dressed up in some of the same period uniforms that they wore back when they served in office. The wax presidents are immersed in their own historic eras, and you’ll be able to see President Roosevelt in Yalta and President Nixon as he shook the hands of astronauts returning from their first moon voyage.

As long as you’re in Mount Rushmore, you’ll want to experience the area’s history and culture to its fullest. View the scenery of the fall season this October!

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