Fright Dome Gives Visitors Thrills and Chills in Las Vegas

Circus Circus Hotel has become famous for its indoor theme park, Adventure Dome. Adventure Dome is filled with roller coasters and thrill rides that bring people of all ages to the hotel looking for a good time. During the month of October, Adventure Dome is transformed into Fright Dome which has become known for its terrifying Halloween activities. Chainsaw Massacre, one of the theme park’s most popular scary attractions, holds the world record for the most guests using “chicken exits” while the activity about the SAW horror film series takes you into the world of the serial killer, Jigsaw. Five separate horror activities under one roof make Fright Dome one of the most popular and scary Halloween venues in the United States.

After your Fright Dome adventure, you may need to spend a day relaxing and getting your strength back. The Penn and Teller magic show is just what you need. This comedic magic routine will have you gasping in awe and laughing with delight. Penn and Teller have a varied routine that features everything from live animals to a fire-eating showgirl. Their illusions and their quick wit make each and every show a joy for them and the audience.

Spend some time communing with nature in the nearby Grand Canyon after your time with Penn and Teller on the Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour. This tour will give you fantastic views of the Colorado River, the canyons, Hoover Dam, and the Joshua Tree Forest. It’s a great way to get the most out of your time at the Grand Canyon. Don’t forget to bring along your camera as there are several great photo opportunities with this exciting tour!

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