General Lee Cars Gather in Gatlinburg for The Hazzard Run

If you loved the Dukes of Hazzard television series, you have not forgotten the beloved General Lee car. This car has only gained popularity since the television series as people all over the nation viewed it in the Dukes of Hazzard movie. Now, you can see a gathering of General Lees in one place during The Hazzard Run event and decide which car most closely fits the car you remember from the series and movie in Gatlinburg. In addition to the cars, there will also be some stars at the event. Ben Jones, the man who played Cooter Davenport, and Rick Hurst, who you all know as Deputy Cletus Hogg, will also be at the event to sign autographs. This fun event takes place October 9th and 10th and is free of charge to all who are interested in participating.

If reminiscing about the Dukes of Hazzard gives you the urge to do some crazy driving and reach some fast speeds in your car like they did in the show and movie, do it legally and stop by Speedzone Go Cart Racing. At Speedzone, you can go as fast as you’d like in one of their go carts. With four different race tracks to choose from, you can decide which racing adventure you want before satisfying your need for speed!

When you’re done at Speedzone, get ready for a new adventure with Zipline at Five Oaks. Your adventure begins with a trip to the top of a platform high above the ground where you will be strapped to a stainless steel zip line by your harness. Once you’re securely fastened, you get to jump in the air and fly down the zip line. With speeds up to fifty miles per hour, you’re bound to get a thrilling ride you won’t forget. It’s the perfect adventure to finish off a Dukes of Hazzard weekend in a style even they would envy!

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