Revitalize Yourself with a Weekend Getaway to the Grand Canyon

Around this time of year when kids are getting used to new classes and parents are trying to deal with adding the task of picking up and dropping their kids off at school, things can get a little stressful. Escape stress and responsibilities for the weekend and take off for the Grand Canyon where you can lose yourself and your worries in the beauty of nature.

Grand Canyon Explorer Hike

Start out with a nice hiking tour to get rid of the cobwebs of the office or classroom and enjoy some fresh air. Your hiking experience will take place in the back country of the Grand Canyon below the rim. You will be able to look up at the massive walls of the Grand Canyon, take pictures of the native wildlife of the area, and just relax as your guide leads you. As you travel, your guide will tell you about some of the things you see and point out interesting things you may have missed on your own. The stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon combined with the light exercise will make you feel like a new person.

Red Rock Panoramic 2 Hour Jeep Tour

Don’t stop with your hiking tour. Continue the fun with the Red Rock Panoramic 2 Hour Jeep Tour. This fast but thorough tour will give you some incredible views you will never forget as you travel through the natural beauty of Sedona. Cacti, old corrals, and other interesting scenery will allow you to feel like one of the original cowboys exploring the West. Don’t forget to bring your camera as you will get some breathtaking views when your 4×4 vehicle travels over the rugged terrain of the area.

Grand Sunset and Indian Painting Jeep Tour

No trip the Grand Canyon is complete without watching the blazing sun set over the Grand Canyon. The natural red hues of the canyon rocks combined with the fiery reds, pinks, and oranges of the sunset is a spectacular sight to see. The Grand Sunset and Indian Painting Jeep Tour gives you the chance to experience that and allows you to get scenic views of the Kaibab National Forest, Indian Paintings, and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon as well. You will watch the sunset from an observation tower that is designed to give you panoramic views during the evening. It’s the perfect way to end your Grand Canyon adventure!

0 thoughts on “Revitalize Yourself with a Weekend Getaway to the Grand Canyon

  1. The breath taking beauty of the land should be enough to prop any frown upside down. Coming the the Grand Canyon is great for any reason whether it be for a weekend getaway or a full vacation for the entire family.

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