Howl-O-Scream Adventures Await at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

If you’ve been looking for something fun and unique to do this Halloween aside from conventional trick or treating, visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg for their Howl-O-Scream event. From September 24th to October 31st each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Busch Gardens will have scare zones, haunted mazes, and Halloween-theme shows for visitors to the park to enjoy. Wear your favorite Halloween costume and join in the fun this year before the event ends!

You can’t visit Williamsburg without taking a look at all of the history the area has to offer. Colonial Williamsburg gives you the chance to step back into the 18th century for a look at how residents of the area lived during that time. Political sites, historic homes, a plantation, and costumed residents give you the full scope of 18th century life that will make history interesting and real to you. With everything from a one day pass to a one year pass, you can choose how long you would like to stay at the park and what you will see. Each pass also offers special benefits to make your experience at Colonial Williamsburg special.

After having your Halloween adventure and exploring Colonial Williamsburg, it’s time to relax and have fun at the Mystery Dinner Playhouse. The dinner and show combination gives you the chance to become a detective when a ‘whodunit’ style mystery show is put on for you. The actors and actresses will even come down from the stage to talk with you and give you clues as to who is the culprit and who is innocent. The person who figures out the mystery first is given a special prize. With Mystery Dinner Playhouse, you’re certain to have an enjoyable experience!

0 thoughts on “Howl-O-Scream Adventures Await at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

  1. This is awesome, I know that when I was a kid i would have much rather have spent halloween at an amusement park rather that trick-or-treating!

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