Say Farewell to Summer with Sleep Out on the Mississippi in Memphis

Hey campers, it’s time to head out to Memphis for the exciting Sleep Out on the Mississippi event at Mud Island River Park. October 8th, bring yourself and a sleeping bag to the park where 12’x12′ tents, dinner, live entertainment, marshmallows, and breakfast are provided for you and other guests. Several activities are planned in addition to the marshmallow roast and live entertainment to help you enjoy yourself overnight. Advance reservations to this event are required to ensure that you get a spot at this event since space is limited. With the Mississippi River beside you and the stars above you, this is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and greet fall.

After camping out at Mud Island Park, get yourself some nice lodging in town, and head out to see some of Memphis’ most popular attractions with the Memphis Mojo Tour. A vintage tour bus will take you around town to see the sights with a stop at either Sun Studio or Stax Museum along the way. Your admission to either the studio or the museum is provided, so get ready for an exciting tour of places that chronicle some of music’s biggest changes and stars.

You can’t visit Memphis without paying tribute to The King. As the place where Elvis lived and began creating his legendary hits, Memphis has a lot of Elvis’ history to share. Elvis Presley’s Graceland Platinum Experience can give you the highlights with a tour that features Elvis’ mansion, his customer planes, and Meditation Garden where Elvis was laid to rest. This tour will give you some insight into the man behind the music. You can see how he lived and learn fascinating facts about him with the audio tour that accompanies your visit to his mansion.

0 thoughts on “Say Farewell to Summer with Sleep Out on the Mississippi in Memphis

  1. I don’t normally love camping, but this sounds like a special camping experience. I wish I lived in Memphis. It seems like there are so many great things to do there!

  2. If I wasn’t out doing my own bit of camping during that week in Arkansas, I’d definitely be tempted to go to Mississippi! This sounds like a true taste of the area.

  3. Everything about Memphis seems amazing, and the fact that they offer this group camping trip makes the city even more interesting to me.

  4. The Elvis Presley’s Graceland Platinum Experience sounds interesting. I’ll have to take my grandmother because she would enjoy herself greatly!

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