Brighten Up the Fall Season with NYC’s Oktoberfest!

For weeks to come, you can participate in the annual Oktoberfest in New York City which promises to be a great fall festival, including all of the fun arts, crafts and delicious cuisine of last year’s event. The event celebrates the German culture and traditions, breaking out the exquisite dark beer, sauerkraut, authentic schweinsbraten (roast pork), and much more. Visitors from around the country come to participate in the food tasting and beer sampling. Come join in the fun in the Big Apple and reserve your New York City lodging ahead of time.

If you’re still in the mood for some of the autumn events, you can book your family on the Circle Line Downtown Fall Foliage Cruise, which heads over many of the most talked-about places in Manhattan. View such astounding places as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, High Tor State Park and Grant’s Tomb. The tour lasts approximately five and a half hours, but you can board early and watch a fall football game or autumn scenery.

Open your eyes to the gorgeous golds, red, oranges and everything in between on the New York Water Taxi Fall Foliage Tour, which provides a comfortable water taxi heading along the Hudson River. Visitors can look out either side to see the beauty of the coastlines and gain a knowledgeable perspective of the area through the accompanying audio tour. Bicycle racks are attached to the ship, so you can take a bike ride to and from your fun tour.

Come early for the sights and sounds of New York City in the fall. The scenery and bustling environment will make many great memories.

0 thoughts on “Brighten Up the Fall Season with NYC’s Oktoberfest!

  1. I have always wanted to attend an Oktoberfest! I myself being Germen would love the experence to see my culter how it was in the early day and age. This would be a lot of fun and I hope i get a chance to experence this someday!

  2. New York City in the fall would be amazing, especially with all of the trees starting to turn. And anything having to do with Oktoberfest is sure to be a good time.

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