Set Sail This Columbus Day with Vacations Made Easy!

This coming Columbus Day, use your long weekend to get out and explore just like Christopher Columbus! Whether journeying within the states or visiting far-away, exotic locales, there are a variety of adventures awaiting all types of explorers!

Cruise the Waterways of Quebec City

This three night outing in Quebec City offers a quick escape packed-full of adventure and exploration. Once you have crossed the border, you will be treated to a Zodiac Expedition for pristine views of the natural beauty surrounding Quebec City, as well as a Whales & Fjords Sightseeing Cruise that will present the majesty of a variety of different species of whale in their natural environment. 

Tampa Bay’s Weekend Cruise Getaway

If you would like a quick outing that focuses more on elegance than adventure you will want to look into Tampa Bay’s Weekend Cruise Getaway. This two night outing features two nights’ lodging accommodations and a regal time off the coast of Tampa via the decadent Starlite Majesty Dinner Cruise. Aside from having the choice of numerous dining options, this lovely outing along the coast of Florida will provide ample opportunity for sightseeing and live entertainment as well

Athens Island Cruise

Those looking to escape from North America completely will find far-away adventure that can still fit into just a few days with the Athens Island Cruise. With this package, you will find three nights’ lodging coupled with the area’s popular Hydra, Poros & Aegina Cruise, which features a full day of hopping from one Greek island to the next, exploring natural beauty and ancient architecture!

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