Moviegoers Gear up For Chicago’s 46th International Film Festival!

The Windy City is great any time of year, but if you make a trip to Chicago from October 7-21, you’ll see the fascinating 46th International Film Festival, which combines the talents of thousands of people as they demonstrate their works of visual art. In the past, Chicago has hosted films from famous and influential directors like Bertrand Taverneir (France), Mike Leigh (UK), Martin Scorsese (USA) and Jan Troell (Sweden). Join movie lovers as exciting screenplays, brilliant productions and fun “red carpet” showings are provided to share with Chicago visitors and residents. If you want to go, be sure to book your Chicago lodging ahead of time, as many of the hotels will be booked up closer to October!

You can tour the great downtown Chicago fully with the Historic Chicago attraction, which shares knowledge of the city’s growth and culture ranging back to the 18th century. You’ll see many of the highlights of the city, including Soldier Field, Joseph Petrillo the Art Institute of Chicago and Jackson Park. Take a look out at the beautiful lake water while you’re in the area and see much of the natural landmarks and manmade sculptures that have characterized the city. The tour lasts approximately two hours, but it packs in plenty of activity.

For a different experience, you may want to concentrate on a specific part of Chicago’s history – the Chicago World’s Fair, one of the largest in the area. Join your tour guide on The White City – Chicago’s 1893 Columbian Exposition Tour as you learn about the historical explorer Christopher Columbus who arrived on our shores in 1492. In addition to the fair, you’ll also learn about other events in Chicago’s history, such as a famous serial killer as well as a view of Wooded Island and the University of Chicago’s front yard.

The Chicago atmosphere alone is worth the trip, and these great attractions will only add to your fun experience. Head to downtown Chicago for a grand fall vacation.

0 thoughts on “Moviegoers Gear up For Chicago’s 46th International Film Festival!

  1. Earlier this year they had something like this here locally and i heard it was very intresting to see what they came up with i can only imagine it would be 100x better at an event like this

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