Have a Haunted Halloween in Savannah

As a city viewed by many as the most haunted in the United States, it’s no wonder that Savannah offers many exciting ghost tours and activities. This Halloween, do something a little different to celebrate and travel down to Savannah to have some chilling adventures in the places of the city that are rumored to be haunted. With five different ghost tours to choose from, you can celebrate Halloween in Savannah for several days!

Ghosts and Gravestones of Savannah

Spend an hour and fifteen minutes exploring the dark side of the city on the Ghosts and Gravestones of Savannah tour. Your guided tour will take place in a trolley and lead you past frightening locations like Sorrel Weed House, Pirate’s House, and a haunted antebellum cemetery. Each location is more frightening than the rest and the chilling narration of the guide only adds to your experience. It’s an evening filled with thrills and chills.

Hauntings Walking Tour

Stroll through an area that strikes fear even in the bravest of Savannah’s citizens on the Hauntings Walking Tour. This three mile tour winds through the city’s most haunted avenues and takes you past Kehoe House, the Hampton Lillibridge House, and Colonial Park Cemetery. Each place has its own ghost and frightening background for you to learn about from your guide. After this tour, you may find that there are reasons to be afraid of the dark!

Evening Haunted Trolley Tour

Step into a trolley and be swept into the world of the paranormal with the Evening Haunted Trolley Tour. This tour goes past some of the places that have been rumored to be haunted in Savannah for years. As you travel, you’ll hear the frightful and often tragic tales of the ghosts who roam the city. Alice Reily, Anna, and Nathaniel Greene are just a few of the ghosts you will be learning about during this tour experience. It’s an evening of fright that you won’t soon forget.

Savannah Scary Ghost Tours

If you’re looking for a tour that will send tingles down your spine, don’t hesitate to go on Savannah Scary Ghost Tours. The tour begins at Pirate’s House and leads you through the haunted areas of the city. Learn about the victims of tragic fate and those whose lives were over too soon during the Yellow Fever epidemic. You will quickly see why the city is haunted on this tour. As your tour progresses, you will see film clips that were taped in Savannah by famous ghost hunting groups like TAPS and Ghost Hunters.

Ghost Tour Trolley

Learn about the darkness that underlies Savannah’s charm aboard the Ghost Tour Trolley. This ghost tour will take you through places like Colonial Cemetery and Sorrel Weed House in a ninety minute journey that just might convince you that ghosts are real. Learn about the city’s dark corners and hear stories about the ghosts who are rumored to walk the streets and shadowy hallways. Your tour will give you an evening of adventure and excitement that you will remember for years to come.

0 thoughts on “Have a Haunted Halloween in Savannah

  1. I wanna go see some ghost.. i would really enjoy taking a haunted tour, it would allmost be like the time me and a friend got stuck a grave yard!!!!

  2. I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal so I’d say that Georgia would be the best place to experience it. Sounds like a blast!

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