Delectable Dining and Entertainment in Washington, D.C.

This October 9, Washington, D.C.’s quaint Georgetown neighborhood will be hosting its 17th annual Taste of Georgetown! Throughout the one-day event, 30 of the area’s most renowned restaurants and eateries will serve up nearly 60 samples of popular dishes and wines. Additionally, visitors will be treated to live jazz performances courtesy of the famed Blues Alley Jazz Supper Club for a complete day of delectable dining and entertainment.

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Aside from Taste of Georgetown, visitors will also find numerous other options for enjoying dining and entertainment in the area. In particular, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament offers an immersive journey into the Middle Ages. Throughout the evening, you will cheer on one of six knights as they compete in jousting competitions and hand-to-hand combat and enjoy a decadent meal featuring roasted chicken, herb-based potato, spare rib and more!

Located in Arlington, VA, Mystery Dinner Playhouse offers another immersive dining experience in the area. In true whodunit form, a murder will take place early in the evening and it will be up to you and your dining companions to help solve the mystery as you mingle with the many suspects and are treated to your choice of entrée with parsley new potatoes, chef’s choice dessert and more.

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