Stunning Grand Canyon Views Keep Away the Autumn Blues

Now that the heat of summer is starting to fade into the coolness of autumn, it’s the perfect time to visit the Grand Canyon. Take in gorgeous views of the area from helicopter, train, jeep, or water with some of the popular tours the area has to offer. You will find that these tours are perfect way embrace the coming of the new season.

The Majestic Helicopter Tour – North and South Rim gives you panoramic views of the Grand Canyon that you will never forget. You will see the deepest part of the gorge, the Colorado River, Dragon Corridor, and many other amazing views of the Grand Canyon during this tour. With all of the scenery spread below you, you have the perfect opportunity for pictures that will remind you of the incredible experience each time you see them.

After your exciting helicopter adventure, see more of the Grand Canyon in a more sedate style with the Grand Canyon Railway Budd Coach Train Tour. This relaxing train tour will give you great views from the comfort of a train coach. The train tour takes you through 65 miles of rugged, natural landscapes and gives you another chance to capture the unique beauty of the Grand Canyon on film to show your friends and family when you return home.

You haven’t fully experienced the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon until you’ve seen it lit with the vibrant fire of a colorful sunset. The Grand Sunset Safari Jeep Tour will give you those views and a fun tour by jeep. Your tour will take you through the Kaibab National Forest for sightings of wildlife and the forest before you head to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. At the rim, you will be taken to an 80 foot observation tower to watch the sun set over the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, and San Francisco Peaks. This is another perfect opportunity for pictures, so don’t forget your camera!

One more tour remains to complete your Grand Canyon adventure, so get ready for the Antelope Canyon Tour. This relaxing cruise experience gives you the chance to take in awe-inspiring views of the Grand Canyon. The tour begins at Wahweap Bay and takes you through the Canyon on the Navajo Nation and then through the Glen Canyon Dam. Your cruise is a great opportunity to get pictures of the canyons contrasting with the water, so don’t forget to put more film in your camera after your other tours!

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