Memphis Bring Historical Meaning to Its Former Music Artists

The last rays of summer are almost gone, but there are still plenty of visitors in Memphis that will be coming up during the month of September. Visit all the area attractions, including some the museums showcasing the Memphis spirit dating back to some of the most famous stars. The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, Children’s Museum of Memphis and Stax Museum of American Soul Music all possess unique characteristics that tell a little about the city and its most famous artifacts. You may browse through the following activities and book ones that suit you and your family:

Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

Complete with seven major galleries and the D.C. Smithsonian Institution’s first exhibit, “Social Crossroads,” this area museum is packed full of influential American Music from the 1930s to the 1970s, covering issues like the depression, war, the American spirit and social justice. You’ll be able to see pictures of some of the great artists that sang each of the songs. If you’d like, the museum has transportation by trolley, transporting you to an older world.

Children’s Museum of Memphis

The museum is different every time with rotating traveling exhibits that pass through, but some of the most famous activities, such as the Growing Healthy exhibit and City Friends are here to stay. Kids can learn about the wonders of the human body along with a examination of every community’s aid – the police and firefighter force. For an interactive experience, you can let your child sculpt and brush paint at the Art Smart center. The opportunities are almost endless, and you can pack a picnic lunch to eat on the grounds while you’re there.

Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Walk into the past with over 2,000 artifacts of the soul music genre. The museum is only about three miles away from Beale Street, and the music labels the museum features are some of the most popular of their time. As you’re browsing, you’ll begin to learn the fascinating story of an old neighborhood that expanded into what is now known as Soulsville, USA. Look for photographs and samples of your favorite soul artists!

The historical insight that Memphis possesses will keep you busy for as long as you have in the city. Take the chance to spend the last days of your 2010 summer in Memphis.

0 thoughts on “Memphis Bring Historical Meaning to Its Former Music Artists

  1. I would LOVE to tour all of the music museums in Memphis, because after all where would music be today if it weren’t for the influence of blues and jazz!

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