Williamsburg Takes Aim With the Prelude to Victory!

This upcoming October 9-10, a large army of performers will stage the Colonial Williamsburg‘s “Prelude to Victory,” which covers the events surrounding the battle of Yorktown. You’ll be able to see the deciding conflict that would drive the Redcoats back to their home. Gather along with other onlookers as they cheer on the American rebels including General George Washington, watching as they use their muskets to demonstrate the power of their small battalion. Each soldier will be adorned in the clothes of the Revolutionary period. If you’d like to spend a couple of days there, you can stay in one of Williamsburg’s hotels for a decidedly comfortable rest.

The Prelude to Victory may spark your interest in our first president, in which case you can learn more at the President’s Park, which covers everything from Washington’s 1789 inauguration up to the current period. The park offers up to five themed tours to choose from to specialize your experience, or you may choose your own custom route. The presidents and our nation’s various eras will be shown through not only facts and narratives, but through artistic means by artists such as David Adickes. Take a moment to rest and eat at the First Ladies Tea Parlor, located nearby.

If you have kids or are looking for an interactive experience, the Virginia Living Museum can accommodate you. The attraction is home to many animals, including horseshoe crabs, bobcats, alligators and paddlefish, just to name a few. The museum is known for its touch tank, along with a 30,000 gallon aquarium and a 3/4 mile outdoor trail including river otters, red wolves and bobcats. See for yourself why this science center, aviary and botanical preserve are so well-known throughout the area.

Williamsburg is a great way to begin the cool fall season. Watch the leaves turn colors as you witness American history unfold along with many other activities.

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