Wake Early For a Fantastic Branson Show Experience!

As you take out your jacket for the start of the fall season, don’t forget to make a small trip over to the beautiful Branson area in the Ozarks for a gorgeous view of the mountains and surrounding trees. The area looks the best in the morning, when the mist falls over the terrain and the sun is peaking up from the east. If you’d like to see a show on your early morning excursion, Branson offers several performances to upstart your day. Pick one show or all three, depending on how long your fall vacation lasts in the area.

Red, Hot…and Blue!

Visit the influential and energy packed Red Hot and Blue! performance, which features music genres ranging from the swingin’ jazz of the 40’s to the hip disco of the 70’s, along with all the highlights in between. You’ll be dazzled as talented performers swing their hips and sing the tunes that characterized America’s culture and society. As evidence of the talent behind the show, it’s been awarded Best Vocal and Dance Group along with Best Morning Show.

Barbara Fairchild Diner

Barbara’s company will truly make you feel at home, and you have the option to see a performance with or without a meal, depending if you’re a breakfast person. From the age of five Barbara has been in the show business, entertaining and giving audiences a love for music. She earned a Grammy nomination in 1973, and she and her husband Roy have been attracting audiences for years with their warm welcomes, talents and complementing personalities. Audiences have kept a phrase that perfectly describes Barbara – “to see her is to love her.”

Doug Gabriel Show

You can see the high-spirited performance of Doug Gabriel with several different instruments, including the famous “Mufftar,” which is Doug’s own creation: a 1969 Thunderbird muffler made into a guitar. The show features Doug’s whole family and several comedy skits, gospel tunes, Jim Reeves and Elvis covers are just a few of the performances you’ll be able to witness. Doug even has a patriotic tribute to the veterans.

As you can see, the shows at Branson will keep you entertained all through the morning, and there are plenty more activities to choose from at night. Visit the area today!

0 thoughts on “Wake Early For a Fantastic Branson Show Experience!

  1. I have never been to a Branson morning show but I have lived in Southwest Missouri for the last 10 years and can agree that the surrounding area is just a wonderful sight during the fall season.

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